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Motivation & Inspiration

This is an oldie but a goodie.

I’m not into most “inspirational” videos that float around but this man’s journey is legitimately inspiring. I love when people defy the odds…at the heart of these rebels is a faith in that quiet little voice that says, “I know I can do this.”


The One & Only DLB

I decided to share something (or someone) that motivates me.

DLB has put in a ridiculous amount of hard work to build her physique & if you follow her on social media you realize she’s put in just as much work into staying true to who she is.

The support her husband, Rob, provides is also inspiring; there is no doubt that he is her #1 Fan & that is just how it should be.

While I don’t aspire to have quite as much muscle as DLB, I find her physique inspiring, motivating, & powerful. In other words, she’s beautiful & amazing.

Not to mention, I like watching her videos because I can lift almost as much as DLB in most lifts…& that makes me feel pretty badass.

“15 Things Emotionally Strong People Do”

Good Stuff.