Little Rascal

I did an entire lower body workout this week!

It was pretty chill & involved A LOT of foam rolling & stretching in b/w movements & I made the following day a rest day let everything settle. BUT….

I didn’t get ANY stabbing pain in my hip the next day/evening.

Why is this worth writing to the Internets about? Because in the past 11.5 months I have completed a whopping 2 full lower body workouts & that includes the one from this Tuesday. Shuffling quickly across the street to avoid getting run-over when I jay-walk gives me stabbing pain, so this is pretty exciting stuff for me….which paints a pretty clear picture of the comical, yet tragic, state of my life for the past year.

This whole “rest” & “moderation” thing seems to be working. Who would’ve thought such sorcery & hippie shit would work?!

This is very encouraging because I am going into 2 consecutive pain-free days (not to say free of discomfort, but I’ll take what I can get) & that is FANTASTIC news because that means I am one step closer to NOT becoming an alcoholic or raging lunatic or quitting life all together, gaining 100lbs, growing a mustache & purchasing a Little Rascal Scooter.





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