The Sissy Wheel

My problem, or more accurately, one of my problems is that I believe that I must do the maximum, full tilt, mother load of everything & anything I do.


Gonna go for a walk? Nah, too easy – let’s jog up a hill…oh wait, jogging is for sissies, let’s sprint…that’s a way bigger hill over there…let’s go do multiple sprints up that one…I think I tore my groin…awesome, more pain = more calories burned.

Or how about – Yoga? Don’t mind if I do….what’s the hardest kind…no, harder than that…can I go faster….she’s bending way farther than me…I can do that for sure…oh my god, I think I ripped my vagina….awesome, more pain = more calories burned.

I will race you on the treadmill (when I can actually run). I will race you on the EFX. I will race you to the bathroom. I will pee faster. I will sweat more. No matter what I do – it has to be to the max. And it’s not actually in competition with ‘you’ but the metaphorical ‘you’, so really, it’s me: it’s yesterday’s me or tomorrow’s me or the me when I come down off of pre-workout. Anything less than walking the border of my max capacity has always seemed like a waste of precious time.

It’s really not difficult to see how I wound up so injured; I’m crazy & kinda stupid.

However, I had a small victory last night during my yoga practice. It was time for Wheel aka back bends aka not a good f*cking idea when your SI joint, hip & back have been buggered all week from your last time you did something you shouldn’t have been doing.

But as I was about to push up into my first back bend, I realized that this would not be assisting me in decreasing the pain in my ass region & so the logical aka smart thing to do would be a sissy Wheel.

So I did the sissy Wheel.

One part of me scoffed at how unimpressive this was & the other was relieved that I would not be requiring an ass doughnut at work.

Baby steps.


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  1. Take you victories where you can 🙂

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